ProNebu Portable Nebulizer Review

An estimated 1 billion people suffer from respiratory ailments. Other than ingested medication, the treatments for these also include using inhalers and nebulizers. If such a person has a sudden coughing fit or an asthma attack, they may use an inhaler or a nebulizer to alleviate their condition.

The main differences between an inhaler and a nebulizer are the time and manner in which medicine is delivered to the patient. Inhalers often have a technique associated with using them, however, nebulizers tend to deliver medicine over a longer period of time. Inhalers are often prescribed to patients whereas nebulizers are a common sight in doctor’s offices and emergency rooms.

ProNebu’s Portable Nebulizer Review

Nebulizers have also been invented for the home and some of these are quite noisy and complicated to use. ProNebu offers a quiet, hassle free nebulizer that can be carried in a handbag for use anywhere.

A great and affordable option is ProNebu’s portable nebulizer. It uses VMT and can run independently on batteries or power via a USB cord.

The item itself is quite sleek and fits in the hand well, the power button is placed in an intuitive spot and doesn’t require too much strength to press. The medicine chamber at the top of the nebulizer holds 8ml of liquid medication, and it operates at less than 25db.

Along with the nebulizer you receive a manual, one adult mask, one child mask, a mask adapter, a mouth piece and a USB cable.


  • Small size makes for perfect travel companion.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Makes the most respirable mass for inhalation.


  • Is more expensive when compared to pneumatic or ultrasonic nebulizers.
  • Medication has to be measured before use.

Using the ProNebu portable nebulizer

There are only 5 simple steps when it comes to using the nebulizer.

  • After washing your hands measure out your dosage of medicine and saline before pouring it into the liquid cup on top of the nebulizer.
  • Then install the mouth piece of your choice.
  • Next press the power button on the device.
  • Finally, whilst keeping a tight seal, breathe in the mist until it is finished. This will take about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Once completed the ProNebu will shut off automatically. Alternatively, you may press the power button to turn it off as well.
ProNebu Portable Nebulizer Review

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Aftercare and cleaning:

Once usage is completed give the device a good shake to remove residual moisture and leave it with its cap open to air dry after over a paper towel.

In order to clean the device, you can use water to clean the device. Fill the top cup with lukewarm, distilled water and run the device until the water runs out, make sure to let the cup air dry before putting in storage.

For the masks and mouth piece it is recommended to wash them with a mild detergent. To disinfect, first make a solution using half a cup of disinfectant or white vinegar and one and half cups of water, then soak them in in for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with water. Shake off excess water and let air dry over paper towels. Make sure to store them in a plastic bag after they have completely dried.

Types of Nebulizers:

Before we discuss the ProNebu nebulizer lets learn about the types of nebulizers. There are a total of three different types of nebulizers and each of these work using different principles.


Nebulizers that use compressed air or oxygen are pneumatic type nebulizers. Referred to as jet nebulizers or atomizers, these are the most common type of nebulizers and have the lowest running costs.


Utilizing a spring to generate pressure, the mechanical inhaler or hand driven nebulizer as it later became known. The medicine is prepackaged in a flexible holder and is wound just before administering. It is said to as efficient as other nebulizers in terms of medicine delivery to the lungs.


There are a total of two types of electronic respirators.

  • Ultrasonic

An oscillator generates a high frequency ultrasonic wave and this causes a piezoelectric plate to vibrate. This plate is in contact with the medicine and the vibrations turn the medicine into a fine vapor for inhalation. With long operation, the piezoelectric plate can cause the medication to heat up which can cause them denature.

  • Vibrating Mesh

The latest in nebulizer technology, this type uses a mesh or a membrane with microscopic holes that remain over the liquid medicine. When the membrane vibrates, it creates a very fine mist of liquid vapor. Of all the technologies, this has the highest portability and runs the most quietly.

Portable Nebulizers and Why You May Buy Them

All three types of nebulizers can also be bought for the home, however, in spite of their portability and ease of use, some of these units require an outlet to function. True portability is wireless. 

The best examples of this are nebulizers that use vibrating mesh technology (VMT). The mesh or membrane used is quite small and doesn’t require a lot of energy to work, so the device has been scaled down and can run off battery power or from an outlet if necessary.

Why get a portable nebulizer? It’s quite simple really, it’s no bigger than a soda can and all you need to run it are a pair of AA batteries. Its silent operation allows for it to be used in the work place and is compatible with different types of medicine.


Respiratory ailments can be debilitating for many people, most often they cannot participate in strenuous activities without risking an attack. A nebulizer not only helps to treat an attack but can also work to prevent an attack if taken beforehand.

ProNebu’s nebulizer is not only portable, it’s also quite easy on the wallet. It allows you to get the treatment at a place of your convenience and at a time of your convenience. Able to be used for either a child or an adult it is one of the simplest, effective solutions to an asthma attack or coughing fit.

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