How to Get Super Glue off Glasses: 4 Practical Hacks

Apart from a broken heart, super glue can fix almost everything!

Super glue is an adhesive solution that bonds all kinds of materials including glasses. It fixes up broken pieces of glass and even glass to other materials to form fast and durable joints. When applying to fix a frame, you may mess up and leave some residue on the surface.

Later, there is a possibility in finding it hard to remove the glue as it dries quickly and sticks to the surface compactly.

To remove the glue by keeping the features of the glass intact, you can choose any of the methods below and follow the steps mentioned to get rid of the glue: 

How to Get Super Glue off Glasses

1. With Dish Soap and Water

Removing glue using acetone is a very effective method but it may cause damage to some of the glass features.

Before applying acetone, you need to make sure if it is compatible with the glass. If not, no worries! You can remove glue with dish soap and water following the steps below: 

Step 01: Get some warm water mixed with dish soap: Take half a cup of water making sure that the water is warm but not hot, mix a teaspoon of soap and keep budging until the soap dissolves. 

Step 02: Take a piece of microfiber cloth and soak it: The soapy water dissolved in the microfiber cloth will hold enough liquid to soften the glue. 

Step 03: Press the cloth against the glue stain: Press and hold the cloth softly until the glue becomes weak. For stubborn stain, you may need to soak the cloth again and reapply to turn the glue in a condition that you can wipe away. 

Step 04: Wipe out the glue and rinse the glass: After several times of soft and gentle wiping, the glue should vanish, after which you can rinse it with fresh water and have it dried.

2. With Acetone 

The previous method is the gentlest one that experts recommend to use first before using any other methods.

That being said, removing glue or any other residue from labels, stickers, or tape using acetone is one of the easiest ways to do this following the steps below. Make sure that your lenses are not made of plastic. It works pretty well in glass lenses every time.

Step 01: Take some acetone: Be sure that you are using original acetone as it works wonderfully to soften and remove glue. The substance is often found as an ingredient in nail polish removers and household cleaners. 

Step 02: Soak the cloth with acetone: Dampen a piece of soft cloth or rag with the liquid and dab it to the spot where the glue is stuck. Hold for some time to get the glue softened. Stay alert when you use acetone as it can stain other materials. 

Step 03: Get the glue off: Now the residue is supposed to be softened and can be peeled away as you continue rubbing. If any part of the glue seems not fully softened, apply the liquid again. Finally, sweep the glass with a clean lint-free cloth. Absolutely spotless!

3. Removing the Glue with Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is very effective as a cleaning agent and can also be used to get off the glue from the glass.

It is safe for both plastic and glass lenses but glasses having coated should be tested first by this method to make sure that it doesn’t damage the protection. To do so, go through the steps below: 

Step 01: Take a piece of soft cloth or cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol and dampen the cloth or swab with that till it turns wet. 

Step 02: Rub the glue with the soaked cloth and continue this with more alcohol till the glue becomes softened. Scrape the glue off using a razor or fingernail when the grip becomes weak and poor. Do not use a razor if the lenses are coated as it will damage the coating. There also is a probability of scratching the glass if used carelessly. 

Step 03: Clean the glass with soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth. 

4. Using Toothpaste

Removing glue using toothpaste is another safe and easy method that’s good for both glass and plastic lenses.

It can also be applied in coated lenses but you should be careful and test the method first along a corner edge and confirm that it doesn’t harm your precious glasses. Steps of this method are: 

Step 01: Wet the glue in warm water: Take some warm water and dampen the glue spot. Using hot water instead of warm may cause cracks on the lens. 

Step 02: Wiping away the glue: Try to wip the glue out leaving some paste on the spot and rub it with a soft cloth. It’s crucial to ensure that the toothpaste doesn’t contain micro-scrubbers that can cause scratches on the glass surface. If the glue doesn’t peel away, soak the cloth in warm water and rub on the glue multiple times in circular strokes until the glue comes off. 

Step 03: Clean the glass with some fresh soapy water and have it dried with the help of a soft cloth. 

Ending Notes

Techniques to remove super glue from different objects vary based on the surface. Some other effective methods are also there to fix the issue. For skin, you can get off the glue using salt and detergent.

For stainless steel or any other plain surfaces like glass, you can simply scrape the glue with a sharp scraper after softening it with any of the substances mentioned in our article.

All the methods are applicable almost everywhere but for eyeglasses only these four techniques are suggested to be applied.

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