In the past, creating high-quality animated pictures was much hustle for Youtubers due to inadequate programs in the industry. It was employed on rare occasions due to its high cost of production and longer periods involved. Tables long shifted with the introduction of animated software such as Doodly and the rest. Nowadays, you can make high-quality animated logos and texts with much ease and at your convenient location. Using Viddyoze, you can combine texts and images to logo strings that the tool provides. Apart from designing logos, Viddyoze’s ready-made templates help you to create outros and intros using its alpha-based animation software.

If you would like to create your animated logo, the following three steps are essential. 

  • Choose a logo template
  • Customize the logo template
  • Download the animated logo

Choose a logo template

There are about 170 templates that you can use to create diverse effects depending on the product you want to market. Though to access them, you will need to browse through the many selections present online. These logo templates are high-quality designs that have been tested and approved by a team of experts. Viddyoze has a Template Club that you pay for monthly subscriptions, especially for business purposes and freelancers.

Customizing the logo template

To customize your logo design, you have to select your choice template first. Thereafter, you can tailor your template to your liking by enhancing its color-intensity or any other available custom style. Effects that give different colors are available for premium subscriptions. Since the logo template design is yours, you can make changes to it by browsing through several enhancers to bring out the final work that you deem fit for your audience. The logos complexity is a factor that will determine your video’s ease to render. The simple ones are quicker than the complex ones, which might render for more than 15 minutes. Likewise, you might want to add text fields in the templates to earn more points in your marketing strategy.

Download the animated logo

There are two ways to download the animated logo; first, you might decide to go the traditional way or the sort-of modern way. In the first step, you download the animated logo to your gadget and then upload it to your website. In the second style, one downloads it from Viddyoze, followed by uploading it to YouTube. It is from the Youtube platform that you embed in your website.

Why choose Viddyoze subscriptions

The cost of creating animated logos can be higher when outsourcing than when you make the animations on your own. As an example, if you are dealing with a digital business that requires you to make several Viddyoze videos, it is cheaper to make a one-time subscription than accessing service from other people. If you compare the cost of the two, you realize that with just a $97 subscription, you can animate thousands of logos than paying $50 and above for each animation from outsourcing.

The Viddyoze template club

Getting authority to operate on the platform requires a subscription fee that you make in one payment. Such a move provides the client with numerous logo templates to work with for animation purposes. However, it is not enough. To unlock its maximum potential, you will have to join the Template Club by way of a subscription plan. The platform offers more templates, over 1200 of them with a vast array of functionality.

The professionally-made templates ensure uniqueness in the market, and there is possibly no limitations to what the Template club offers you. The club adds new hundreds of animations within short time spans, giving users new upgrades and innovations.
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Advantages of switching from Viddyoze 2.0 to 3.0

Whenever a new version of any software lands on the market, it brings with it advanced features for better usage. That is what happens with the Viddyoze update from version 2.0 to 3.0. How did it improve the user-software interface? First, due to the ever-changing market, it comes with new categories of templates that users can use to create business promotions. Second, its interface is more advanced than the previous version making it more attractive. Third, it provides room for previewing your animated logos helping you assess how it will appear before execution. And lastly, you can sort your logo animations and enhance them, if necessary.

Using overlays in Viddyoze

This feature enables users to enhance their animated logos by adding new entries to the videos. The ‘overlay’ tab in the Viddyoze library opens a wide number of options to browse and make a selection. Once you choose one that suits you, you can drag and drop it on the timeline. Thereafter, you go to the timeline section to adjust the overlay’s time.

Viddyoze coupon code

Viddyoze Coupon Code enables you to operate as an online entrepreneur, content maker, or business owner. Here, one has to choose the coupon to redeem on the platform and click on the ‘Get Code’ to get a suitable code to accrue a discount. If one clicks on the ‘Get Deal’ option, it redirects to the home website. As such, you should sign up and select a deal to purchase and then go to the checkout step.

The checkout page has the ‘Coupon Code’ on which you should paste your code and hold-on for the current price to show. It is essential to remember that the coupon code and discounts are redeemable based on the licenses on Viddyoze’s official website. Confirming your license’s terms and conditions will help you remember the time validity of your coupon. You do well to compare the license and your coupon to ensure compatibility.


As we have seen above, it is necessary to get the Viddyoze platform to operate it. As such, you have to make an online purchase. Additionally, we should mention as a reminder that Viddyoze isn’t an application that you download on your computer or smartphone. Still, you can operate it on both. As we mentioned earlier, it is a cloud-based platform that enables you to make animation videos for commercial or personal use. However, to get hold of your animated creation, you have to move it from the cloud arena by downloading and uploading it to the next platform, such as YouTube.

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